I can't figure what this site is about

We allow you to donate money (or "give props") to any page on the internet. You signup for an account with us, deposit some bitcoin, and are able to donate any amount of that to any page on the internet.

What is this "bitcoin"?

Bitcoin is an exciting new digital currency. You should really read more about it. We use bitcoin on this site as the currency of donation.

Why do I need an account?

We want to make giving props as easy as clicking a button. In order to do that, you need to have bitcoins on file with us. We don't collect your email so there is no chance of spam.

Why is there a 1% transaction fee?

In order to prevent spam and preserve the legitimacy of rankings, we take just 1% of the prop. It helps keep the lights on too :)

Can I donate any amount, even a satoshi?

Yes! However, we will only deposit the money into the owners account if their total props are larger than .01 BTC in order to avoid transaction fees and avoid spamming the network.

Can I take my money out of BitProps at any time?

Yep. Just login to your account, provide an address and we will promptly send your balance to that address.

How does the person I give props to get their BTC?

They need to provide proof that they own the page you prop'd. In order to do so, they need to put a HTML meta tag in the head of their page looking something like this: <meta name="bitcoin" content="166WSJvvTLDVy3HjLxhfVvSyfePMqBw4zg">

How will the owner know I donated to his page?

We are working on an automated mechanism, but for the time being, try the old fashioned way. Email them, fill out their contact form, etc. Point them here for how to claim their props.

I was told someone has donated to me, how do I get my donation?

Donations are all made in the bitcoin digital currency. To claim your donations, you need to setup a bitcoin wallet like coinbase.com or blockchain.info. You need to put an address from your wallet onto your site by putting a meta tag in the <head> of your website: <meta name="bitcoin" content="166WSJvvTLDVy3HjLxhfVvSyfePMqBw4zg">. Then we will magically send you bitcoin any time someone donates to one of your pages.